Public Services

Public Services

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The Town of Pike Road is pleased to provide the citizens with the best possible services:

  1. Power - Within the expansive geographic territory of the Town of Pike Road, power is available through two partner service providers:  Alabama Power and Dixie Electric.  The town works closely with each partner provider to ensure efficiency and satisfactory service to our residents.


  2. Natural Gas - Like our power providers, there are also two gas providers that service the Town of Pike Road: Spire Energy (formerly Alagasco) and Southeast Gas.  Each partner gas provider works closely with the town to maximize efficiency and provide quality service to residents.


  3. Water - Water is available throughout Pike Road through the Montgomery Water Works and Sewer Board, a private provider with lines in the township.


  4. Sewer - Sewer services are provided by the Montgomery Water Works and Sewer Board and Adenus.  Other providers may attempt to enter the Town of Pike Road, as there is ample opportunity for expansion.  The current structure for expansion is based on the user covering the cost for the expansion of service.


  5. Fire Department/EMA - The Town of Pike Road is pleased to be able to support three well-prepared and fully-equipped fire departments. These three volunteer fire departments are well-trained and equipped with the most current tools and technology. Each department maintains a competitive ISO safety rating, reducing residents’ insurance costs. Moreover, the Town is served by a 24-hour emergency medical response including ambulance service. The Town of Pike Road provides 5 mills of property tax to support fire and rescue efforts in our community. The three volunteer fire departments that service the Town of Pike Road are: Pike Road Fire Department, Rolling Hills Lakes Fire Department and Waugh/Mt. Meigs Fire Department


  6. Road Maintenance - As the Town of Pike Road continues to grow, the need to service the roads that connect our community also grows. This task falls on state, county and municipal providers. At the municipal level, most maintenance and upkeep is related to new neighborhoods and other development, but eventually the streets will be designated as municipal. To prepare and provide for these needs, the Town contracts with a private provider and engages a municipal engineer. In addition, the Town partnered with qualified traffic engineers to develop a comprehensive traffic plan.


  7. Police - The Town of Pike Road works through a partnership with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to provide law enforcement. From regular traffic patrols to investigation service, the Sheriff’s Office has excellent coverage, great response time and a successful track record. The MCSO also provides training for citizens and assists in establishing neighborhood watch programs.


  8. Sanitation - The work of the Town of Pike Road’s partner in sanitation services, AmWaste, is comparable in scope to most municipal offerings in Alabama.  AmWaste provides weekly garbage collection and yard waste pickup. They offer state-of-the-art equipment and local customer service. This partnership reduces overall cost by eliminating the need for the Town to own and maintain pickup equipment.

  9. Entertainment & Communications - Across the Town of Pike Road, several entertainment and communication service providers offer phone, internet, and television options. AT&T, Charter, WOW (formerly Knology), and Troy Cable are available to residents depending on location.

  10. Recycling - Thanks to a grant from the Alabama Recycling Fund and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, the Town of Pike Road provides recycling receptacles for citizen use. Located at 450 Pike Road, these recycling trailers accept Plastics #1 & #2, Paper, Aluminum and Cardboard. Please click here for Recycling Depot hours. To help the Town continue this service, please refrain from placing garbage in the receptacles, and do not leave any waste on the ground around the receptacles.