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Crossroads of Heritage and Hope: The Town of Pike Road Story

While Pike Road has only existed as a municipality since 1997, the Pike Road community has flourished for more than 175 years. Beginning with the arrival of the Meriwether, Mathews and Marks families around 1815, people began settling and farming the area in the mid-nineteenth century...

In 1997, the Town of Pike Road incorporated with one goal: Cultivating a community that reflected the interests and values of its community. Through comprehensive community input sessions and intensive planning, the Town developed its Four Pillars, the driving considerations for every action. These pillars are: Planning, Services, Education, and Quality of Life.

Maintaining Character While Planning for Progress

Town Leadership

The Town of Pike Road was incorporated in 1997 by citizens who wanted to have planning and administrative control over their geographic location. To ensure that citizens are actively engaged in a participatory form of government, the town elects its leadership. 

2020-2024 Town Leadership.png

Contact Town Hall

Whether you just moved in, have lived here your whole life, or are interested in calling the Town of Pike Road home for your family or business, our team is here to help.

Latest News

Don't miss out! Community events and local updates are all available here.

Town Maps

The Town of Pike Road has grown rapidly since incorporation in 1997. Click the buttons below to view our community from a different perspective.

*Please note that the Town of Pike Road Police Jurisdiction extends 3 miles outside the municipal limits.

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