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Pike Road Schools

The Town of Pike Road is proud to support the Pike Road Schools System, which provides a variety of educational and extracurricular activities for our community's youth. Pike Road Schools officially opened its doors in 2015, and, four years later, it includes three fully-functioning campuses. The Historic Campus, originally the Pike Road Consolidated School, welcomed students in 2017, and the Historic Georgia Washington School opened its doors to Pike Road students in 2018. Another dream became a reality when our community celebrated Pike Road Schools' first graduating class, the Class of 2020.

Click here to visit Pike Road Schools on the web - and go Patriots!

“Pike Road Schools has been a source of great energy and enthusiasm for the Town of Pike Road since the original work on a city system began in 2005. Today, we are amazed at the tremendous community involvement and support for all the school's programs,” said Gordon Stone, Mayor.