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Comprehensive Plan
2024 Update

Join the Town of Pike Road Planning Department as we work TOGETHER on the long-term planning vision for our community.

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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Pike Road’s Comprehensive Plan is a long-term planning resource based on the vision for the future of the Town. Town-wide Comprehensive Plans are called “comprehensive” because they address a wide range of community planning topics including, but not limited to, land use, development character, mobility, natural and cultural resource preservation, parks and recreation, infrastructure, and economic development. It represents a general consensus around the goals related to Pike Road’s advancement over the next twenty years. The Plan is intended to serve as a guide for the Town’s leaders focusing on a multitude of areas such as future development, transportation and mobility projects, community facilities, and infrastructure projects. Since a Comprehensive Plan is general and at a higher level, it is also a basis for a deeper look into certain opportunities that community leaders identify as priorities. Pike Road’s current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2017 and has been incrementally updated over the past five years. While the planning horizon is twenty years out, the Comprehensive Plan should be considered a living document that is revisited approximately every five-years. Now is the time for the Town to revisit the Comprehensive Plan.

While the Plan makes recommendations on future land use and development character, transportation and mobility, community facilities, and other topics, it does not change zoning or guarantee that certain ideas or projects will be implemented. The implementation of concepts introduced through the Comprehensive Plan is accomplished through other Town processes and procedures with the plan as a guide.

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