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Quality of Life

and the ENHANCE initiative

Upcoming Events

and the Pike Road Arts Center

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Connecting Neighbors

What is ENHANCE: A Vision with Focus?


Exercise • Nutrition • Health • Agriculture • Nature • Community • Education


ENHANCE: A Vision with Focus—the “ENHANCE initiative” for short—is a long-term strategic plan designed to ensure that the Town of Pike Road continues to mature in the four areas identified by residents in 2005 as the keys to the municipality’s success: quality of life, community planning, public education and municipal services.  Focusing on the quality of life and community planning pillars, the ENHANCE initiative organizes tasks and teams in the seven key areas listed above.


Why should the ENHANCE initiative matter to me?

What role can I play in the ENHANCE initiative?

Answer these questions and learn more about the ENHANCE initiative below.

The Pike Road Arts Council

and Water House Gallery

The Arts Council engages citizens of the Town of Pike Road who have unique gifts in the fine arts and encourages the utilization of those gifts to bring a greater overall appreciation of the arts to the community. The Arts Council organizes and presents an assortment of arts-related events throughout the year, engaging local artists of all disciplines, from traditional painters to storytellers, crafters, and beyond.

Arts Council

Veterans Appreciation

Come home to...

a community that honors heroes.

Did You Know: Over 600 veterans call the Town of Pike Road home. Join us as we honor our nation's servicemen and women throughout the year.

Veterans Appreciation

Natural Trail

Connecting Neighbors

In addition to offering residents a safe, convenient place to exercise and experience the beautiful natural surroundings of the area, the Pike Road Natural Trail System is the network that will connect the town’s neighborhoods and future recreational sites.

Natural Trail


Through active support from the citizens of the Town of Pike Road, the Pike Road School System was created with the goal of providing each child the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. Click here to learn more about the Town's Four Pillars, including Education.

Community Events

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