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Board of Education Application

Town of Pike Road Board of Education Application

The Town of Pike Road is now accepting applications for the Pike Road Schools Board of Education. Applications can be completed via the link below or picked up at Pike Road Town Hall (9575 Vaughn Rd). Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, but they are due by January 1 of the year up for appointment. 

The current Board of Education Application deadline is January 1, 2023.

Board of Education Application & Selection Process

Click here to download this information as a PDF.

  • Applications can be completed at under the Quality of Life > Education tab or picked up at Pike Road Town Hall located at 9575 Vaughn Road, Pike Road, AL 36064


  • Applications can be submitted anytime during the year but are due by January 1 of the year up for appointment.  Check the return date on the website for current year deadline.  

  • Statutory requirements for being eligible to serve on the school board are listed below: 
    “The general administration and supervision of the public schools and educational interest of each city shall be vested in a city board of education, to be composed of five members who shall be residents of the city, and who shall not be members of the city council or commission.  
    Ala. Code, §16- 11-2(b) (1975). 


  • No person shall be eligible for election or appointment as a member of a city board of education unless he or she satisfies all the following qualifications:

    • Is a person of good moral character.

    • Has obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent.

    • Is not employed by that city board of education.

    • Is not serving on the governing board of a private elementary or secondary educational institution.

    • Is not on the National Sex Offender Registry or the state sex offender registry.

    • Has not been convicted of a felony. Ala. Code §16-11-2(c) (1975)


  • Applications will be screened for compliance with the Alabama School Board Governance Act of 2012. A copy of this document can also be obtained along with the application as indicated above.  Ala. Code §16-11-2(c) (1975)


  • Applications will be reviewed by the School Board Review Committee consisting of individuals from the Pike Road Town Council.


  • The School Board Review Committee and possible others will conduct interviews as needed. 

  • The School Board Review Committee will make a name recommendation to the Town Council for final vote. The Town Council has the right to confirm the name presented by the committee or nominate and confirm another individual. 


  • The school board members are appointed to five-year terms and are set by a staggered rotation with one individual either rotating off each year or being reappointed for another 5 year-term. 


  • Upon the completion of a school board member’s first term, they may or not be reappointed for a 2nd term.  Appointed school board members will generally serve no more than 2 consecutive terms. 


  • An unfulfilled term of an individual replacing a school board member leaving before their term is complete is considered one term whether it be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.  


  • Completed applications must be submitted to the Town Clerk at Town Hall in person or by email at 5 PM the day of the year’s deadline to be considered for the next term’s appointment. (9575 Vaughn Road, Pike Road, AL 36064 or


The current Board of Education Application deadline is 5p.m. Saturday, January 1, 2023.

Board of Education Application

Due by 5 p.m. January 1, 2023

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