Becky Neuenschwander

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Becky Neuenschwander with Quilt

Becky's Quilts:

Kansas Troubles 1: Kansas Troubles, by Pleasure Arts, is just that – troubles. Every piece is a triangle, except for the border. The queen-size quilt requires a very large collection of fabrics and scraps. It was determined to be red, blue, brown, and green in dark shades. Four small blocks, one of each of the colors, were assembled into one large block. Then, the rows were assembled with no light color touching each other. Becky pieced and prepared the top for hand-quilting, and it was hand-quilted by Ida Hilty of Berne, Indiana.

Kansas Troubles 1 Quilt by Becky Neuenschwander

Kansas Troubles 2: Kansas Troubles, by Pleasure Arts, is 71” wide and 86” long. It is a scrap quilt, made from the scraps of a queen-size quilt of the same pattern. This very interesting pattern was made by using the same colors scheme as Kansas Troubles 1, but a different use of the squares. This quilt has a very attractive border because it was once a much-smaller quilt and needed the extra width and length. The scraps from Kansas Troubles 2 made another queen-size quilt in another design, plus four more lap-top quilts, which were given to our church’s charitable works. Becky pieced and designed the quilt, and then it was machine-quilted by Margaret Daniels.

Kansas Troubles 2 Quilt by Becky Neuenschwander

Handkerchief Quilt: Quilting was never a must-do for me. However, I made three quilts long before rotary cutters and not knowing anyone else that actually made them. It was mostly out of a desire to have a quilt! Twenty years ago, I bought fabric in Salado, TX, for a quilt that I would one day make. There are two companion fabrics with plenty of yardage, but they would remain in the bag with the handkerchiefs I wanted to use. In the interim years, I saved my aunt’s, mother’s, and grandmother’s handkerchiefs. I also bought some from our travels, as we traveled widely at home and abroad. We also went antiquing! I taught home economics for 31 years. I sewed for myself, my family, and other people. For years, I sewed for weddings, children’s clothes, smocking, and French-sewn clothes, formals, along with hundreds of dresses.

Then, in 2013, our church started a quilt group. I wasn’t thrilled, but felt I should participate because I had the skills. About 250 lap quilts later, and a dozen bed-sized quilts, I decided I should make The Handkerchief Quilt. By then, I had collected 80 handkerchiefs. I selected 30 for this quilt. I called everyone I knew that quilts, and no one had made a handkerchief quilt. It was early in the COVID-19 pandemic, and no fabric stores were open. Knowing what I wanted and what I had on hand, I designed the handkerchief quilt. The square size was influenced by the largest handkerchief I wanted to use. I used the pastel pink, blue, and yellow that was in the fabric I used for sashing. Each handkerchief is machine-sewn along the edge to the square. I would have liked for the sashing to be larger, but the quilt was already big. I know the black handkerchief and the Christmas one do not seem to fit, but they were both important, and could not be left out. Becky designed and pieced the quilt, and the custom machine-quilter is Kelly Thompson.

Handkerchief Quilt by Becky Neuenschwander

Simplicity: Aptly named, this is Simplicity. This is a jelly-roll quilt made for a college twin bed. Assembly is not for beginners! You REALLY have to concentrate to make this quilt! The pattern is an interlocking rectangle that, at a distance, looks impossible. This was for my granddaughter. She chose this early 1930’s print, reminiscent of flower sack days. Becky designed and pieced the quilt, and Margaret Daniels machine-quilted it to completion.

Simplicity Quilt by Becky Neuenschwander

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