Beth Ellen Hardy

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Beth Ellen Hardy with Quilted Bag

About the Quilter:

As a new Alabama resident, I was warmly welcomed by the Pike Road Quilters. They are a wonderful group of women who generously share their vast amount of knowledge on all genres of sewing. I find it fascinating that this age-old art bonds a collection of women who might otherwise have nothing in common. As a child, my grandmother taught me to cross stitch on dish towels. Since that time, I have loved all forms of sewing and have tried to increase my skills. About 15 years ago I took a beginning quilt class at my local quilt store. Since then, I’ve taken other classes to increase my skills in specific areas. Most of my quilt tops are machine pieced, but I have also hand pieced quilt tops as well. I always do my own quilting, again either by hand or machine. There is a wonderful time of “incubation” after you finish a quilt top and you consider and finally arrive upon the best method for your quilt design. There is also a calming aspect to this creative art and you feel as if you send a piece of yourself with every quilt you give away.

Beth Ellen's Quilts:

Potpourri Giraffe Collage Pattern, Designed by Laura Heine: This quilt was lots of fun to make. You use a basic outline of the giraffe and fussy-cut fabric designs placing them until you find a pleasing look. Then you glue the pieces in place and rather heavily quilt to hold everything in place. I used the colorful fabric of Kaffe Fassett and a newsprint background. The branch the giraffe is reaching for is leftover drapery fabric. Pieced and Quilted by Beth Ellen Hardy.

Giraffe Collage Quilt by Beth Ellen Hardy

Whale’s Tail, Designed by Jenny Pedigo: It was fun to pick out the fabric replicating the sea. Quilters often visit quilt stores while traveling. I found the perfect batik fabric for the whales tail in Branson, Missouri. When I quilted this piece I tried to create the illusion of movement and bubbles in the air. Pieced and Quilted by Beth Ellen Hardy.

Whale's Tail Quilt by Beth Ellen Hardy

Morning Sun Through a Window: This quilt was made about ten years ago from a magazine and I failed to note the quilt name and designer. This important information is the reason quilt labels are so important but, unfortunately, often overlooked. The fabric is by Jenny Beyer. This quilt was made entirely by hand.

Morning Sun Through a Window Quilt by Beth Ellen Hardy

September Sun, Designed by Jenny Beyer: This quilt was fun and dramatic as it came together. I don’t believe I quilted enough of this quilt and often think of adding more design in the open areas. The fabric is by Jenny Beyer. Pieced and Quilted by Beth Ellen Hardy.

September Sun Quilt by Beth Ellen Hardy

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