Elizabeth Forks

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Elizabeth Forks with Quilt

About the Quilter:

Elizabeth Forks is the daughter of Nita Forks and granddaughter of Evielean Howell. She spent a lot of time with her granny as a little girl. She was very interested Granny’s quilt making, and Granny encouraged her. Her biggest desire was to use the sewing machine.

Young Elizabeth Forks working on her Quilt

Elizabeth's First Quilt, Flower Garden

Elizabeth started with this quilt at the age of 8. She learned to use a straight edge and cutter to cut 5 1/2” squares with close supervision. But she was a whiz on the sewing machine. She caught on quickly to her pattern, which was seven different colors repeating a sequence on each row of 13 blocks, then dropping the first block from the sequence on each new row and adding it to the end. This forms the diagonal color pattern. The strips were made and then over a couple of years she put strips together. It is finished off with a bright narrow border followed by a 3 1/2” lavender border. It was machine quilted by Kelly Thompson.

Flower Garden - First Quilt - by Elizabeth Forks

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