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Education in the Town of Pike Road

The Town of Pike Road is pleased to introduce one of Alabama’s most innovative and exciting learning environments.

Since the beginning of the educational challenge in 2004, the Town of Pike Road has had people volunteering and leading the way to make sure that every child in the town had a chance to be the best he or she could possibly be. The idea has been to recognize the God-given talent of the individuals and to have an educational system that maximized the capacity of each child.

Likewise, the citizens have been vocally supportive of the importance of lifelong learning and a culture where people of all ages are involved. The role of the citizens has been the most exciting and rewarding component of the story. From the birth of the idea of a Pike Road School System to walking the streets to conduct a census to the eventual election to determine the availability of the revenue, citizens have worked to make the school a reality. Committed municipal leaders have played a role, but citizen engagement and seeking the advice and expertise of trained professionals has been critical.  

With the Town of Pike Road introducing the idea of Professional Development Schools during its early days to exploring to the current model which features “project based learning,” the town has always been on the front end of educational thought.

Interesting Aspects of Education in Pike Road

  1.  One of the most important purposes for the Pike Road School model has always been recognizing and promoting excellence in teaching. The Town of Pike Road has always worked to have a school system that would maximize the capacity of the students and have lifelong learning as a part of every citizens’ options. 

  2. Costs: The Town of Pike Road will maintain a funding scenario that supports education. With a culture of learning and an emphasis on good stewardship, the town has had the opportunity to work with the citizens to provide the necessary resources. 

  3. Comprehensive Attitudes: The plan is to develop an educational engagement that is focused on every area of the community. Integration of the educational offerings intro the daily activities of every citizen requires establishing aculture of learning that is found in every program of the town. As the recreational services, arts and other features of the town are implemented, the Town of Pike Road wants citizens to feel ownership and to be willing to grow and innovate. The ecological parks, agricultural centers and natural trails area are examples of ways that activities can be educational as well as fun!  

  4.  The idea of excellent education in Pike Road has been based on:

  • Valuable inside-the-classroom experiences for teachers. 

  • Entrepreneurial and innovative educational initiatives in K-12 classrooms. 

  • Linkages between the community and the school by having municipal centers of lifelong learning.These will be dedicated areas of expertise focused on agriculture, history, cultural growth, business development and performing arts.

  • Create vehicles for additional grant and research participation for local schools and partners.

  • Create a model learning environment that others will emulate.  


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