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Maintaining Our Character While Planning for Progress

"When government officials, business leaders, and citizens come together to build communities that enrich people's lives, that's planning.”

-American Planning Association website

sketches of small-town streets; sidewalks, front porches, grass and trees

Wise planning of community infrastructure and development is one of the principles upon which the Town of Pike Road is founded. Decades of rapid, sprawling growth in eastern Montgomery County at one time threatened to put an end to the way of life generations had enjoyed in the communities of Pike Road, Mathews, Mt. Meigs, Cecil and others. When the Town of Pike Road incorporated in 1997, a vision of preserving our heritage and preparing for the future was embraced by town leaders.

The philosophy of smart growth is part of this vision. Smart growth emphasizes the importance of neighborhoods that are compact and people friendly, where residents can walk, bike or otherwise enjoy the outdoors safely. Smart growth municipalities look at planning from a long-range perspective, considering how today’s development will impact tomorrow’s community and region. Development values the preservation of farmland and open space and, thus, is focused on logical growth centers. Smart growth includes a variety of housing, commercial and business options and aims to preserve the area’s unique “sense of place.”

Because these are some of the very characteristics long associated with the Pike Road area, we are committed to the kind of planning that will build on the best the community has to offer.

Members of the Town of Pike Road Planning Commission are as follows:

  • Chris Dunn, Chairman

  • Bill Cornwell

  • Sandy Cowen

  • Ty Glassford

  • Pat Harris

  • Tito Peterson

  • Tommy Ratliff


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